Operation and maintenance: improved productivity and efficiency

 DSC6181Towards agreed results with good change management

Partial or full transfer of operational or maintenance responsibility, or both, requires a great deal of preparation from both us and the customer. Our many years of experience have taught us how to manage the change related to these processes and how to carry it out.

Building an operational model is based on identifying the customer’s needs

Based on customer needs and analyses, an individual service package and an operational model are tailored for each customer, with our Value Elements service as the basis. We ensure that the results agreed upon are achieved with systematic and controlled operations.

Quick benefits

We prepare a separate integration plan for each turnkey contract. With the plan and MP Flow, our field work control system, we bring our operational model, Maintpartner Way, to the site, launch the implementation of the service products agreed upon, and ensure the controlled and smooth transition of operations and staff. The well-being of the staff going through the transition, as well as the development of their professional expertise, are among our key strategic objectives.

Our resources are available to all customers

To assist with change management, we offer a range of service products that includes leading change projects, supplying special expertise and additional resources, as well as processes and tools intended for planning, implementing, and monitoring the desired changes.

Our trained and qualified maintenance staff and change management experts are available to all customers of the Maintpartner Group.

We want to ensure that our customers can concentrate on their own core business operations. In addition to maintenance, you can also outsource storage, procurement, and tendering of service providers to us, among other things.


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