Maintpartner is a supplier of industrial operation and maintenance services

We provide services to ensure the availability of technical processes within production industry and public sector. We deliver tailored industrial service solutions that are constantly streamlined and developed from flexible and cost-efficient regional HUB structure. We provide professional service management, reliable solutions, change execution and customer focused attitude.

We are unique in offering customer specific flexibility, sustainable cost-efficiency and tailored industrial maintenance solutions.

Thanks to our local teams supported by regional HUB structure our customers can utilize shared skills, competencies, and best practices in addition to our industry experience and entrepreneurial orientation.


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Company Presentation Maintpartner Group


Maintpartner Group

There are approximately 1,900 employees in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Poland with annualized net sales amounting to 160 M€.


Maintpartner's majority shareholder is CapMan (88%), a leading Nordic private equity investor. Executive management also has a stake in the company.